Quoting & AnalysisFinding the right employee benefits package for your organization is not a task that should be rushed. A thoughtful, facts-driven, clear and detailed quoting and analysis process today will result in a happier, healthier and more financially secure workforce tomorrow.

In Search of the Perfect Fit

Our quoting and analysis process begins with a thorough review of your organization and its current benefits plan. The process is led by your designated benefits consultant and actively supported by our Great Sky market specialists. Using a series of market benchmarks, we assess current and forward-trending medical costs. This data is then contextualized in relation to your organization’s current and future budget projections. Strategies and options are assessed, including individual and aggregate stop loss, claims run out periods, and capitation. We also ensure that your organization’s benefits package meets all governmental compliance thresholds and is as tax advantageous as possible.

Options and Incidentals

Your Benefits Consultant will present the plan options that promote your business goals and fit best within your budget. If payroll support is needed, this too will be assessed and options presented and priced during the quoting and analysis process.

All is Great That Ends Great

The quoting and analysis process concludes with a review of your business’s most significant HR and compliance-related challenges and potential vulnerabilities. We’ll acquaint you with our expert HR and compliance resources that you’ll enjoy at no additional cost as a Great Sky client.  We’ll show you how to access the resources most relevant to your particular business-type in your particular state. Your business will be ironclad compliant and ready to face future challenges.

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