In an ever complex health benefits regulatory environment, it’s essential for your benefits broker be more than a broker, but a true strategic partner. At Great Sky, we offer more than great benefits packages. We also provide full strategic support, from benefits administration, to compliance, to payroll services. Our overarching specialty is traversing that crucial space between “good” and “great.” Going the “extra mile” isn’t “extra” for us; it’s standard.

Here’s how we do it:Service and Plan Administration

Smart Adaptations in the Face of Expanding Compliance Requirements

Great Sky clients are put in a position to prosper, even in difficult regulatory environments. Thanks to our strategic partnerships and our experienced personnel, we command expertise in employee benefits, legal compliance, payroll processing, and general HR management, Great Sky clients stay up-to-date, in control, and prosperous.

Relentless Education and Engagement

From open enrollment events, to the issuing of critical communications on recent ACA updates, to interactive webinars on HR compliance, Great Sky’s expert consultants support your organization’s benefits administration and overall well-being on an ongoing basis.

Goal-Oriented Action Plans

For the typical employer 29% of all payroll expense goes to benefits1. That’s a significant investment, worthy of a meaningful return. Shelling out 29% of your payroll expense for no other purpose but to fulfill a legal requirement isn’t good business. This is why Great Sky is committed to helping you develop goal-oriented action plans, which will put your benefits, HR and payroll programs to work for the betterment of your organization. At Great Sky, we don’t think in terms of burdens, we think in terms of opportunity!

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1Mangan, Thomas. The Characteristics Of Good, Modern Benefits Brokers. LifeHealth Pro. Jun 25, 2006