In the ever-complex maze of Health Care Reform, one wrong turn could result in steep fines for your business. New enforcement bureaucracies, such as the Health Benefits Security Project, in conjunction with an increase in the Department of Labor’s audit staff, have led to a regulatory environment where employers must be ready to demonstrate full compliance with all Affordable Care Act provisions.

At Great Sky, we’re big on finding and broadening the bright spots in otherwise stormy forecasts. When it comes to Health Care Reform compliance, some businesses will be blindsided by hefty fines, but others will actually benefit from new tax credits.

With the help of Great Sky’s Compliance Suite and expert advisors, your business will develop a form-fitting, comprehensive compliance strategy, one that’s both audit-proof and financially effective.

Included in the Great Sky Compliance Suite:

  • Payroll data analysis, featuring metrics on FTE and Large Employer status
  • Customized, Health Care Reform reports
  • Analysis, financial forecasting, and ongoing testing of comparative benefits strategies
  • Electronically secured employee information
  • Health Care Reform experts on-call via a dedicated help desk

To support our compliance analytics, Great Sky uses an educational tool called AllCheck. See the video below for more info.

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