Most businesses spend two weeks every year managing payroll. In our humble opinion, that’s two weeks too many. Today, payroll and benefits administration go hand-in-hand. And the best play for businesses is to find a broker whom they can trust on both fronts.

Great Sky wants to be that Broker.

In conjunction with our partners at BenefitMall®, Great Sky is proud to bring you PayFocus.

Three words: Simple. Secure. Seamless. PayFocus is a revolution of convenience in payroll processing.

Whether you’re just starting your business or are already processing large payrolls on a regular basis, Great Sky is equipped with the scalable tools to accommodate your business’s payroll needs.
Payroll Full service
Payroll Web
Payroll Complex
We know that running payroll isn’t as simple as just paying your employees. There are taxes to file, checks to print, reports to submit, and an ever expanding range of regulations to comply with.  Let Great Sky deal with the pains of payroll, so you can focus on running your business.