Better Benefits for Employees, Lower Costs for Employers. That’s Just the Beginning

With the help of Great Sky’s Benefits Consultants, employers set a practical benefits budget. Once the employers allocate funds, the employees choose exactly where and how to invest their own allotments.
Greater employee choice means better-fitting benefits for employees and their families.
Our extensive suite of decision aids, educational videos and other resources for your employees are designed to be empowering and educational, not confusing. Jargon-free and proud is our credo.
Robust Employee Choice
Employees identify their own needs and priorities and choose their benefits accordingly.
Greater Employee Satisfaction
An empowered employee is a happy employee. More options lead to more overall satisfaction.
Comprehensive Coverage
Great benefits don’t begin and end with medical coverage. A skillful permutation of various benefits types cuts down overall costs while optimizing protection.
Smarter utilization of Benefits
When people choose their own benefits, they understand them better and use them more wisely. Your employees become more savvy, educated benefits consumers.
Comprehensive support
Your Great Sky client services manager is available year-round to field queries and resolve problems.
Predictable Costs
Employers set the budget and can truly plan their benefits costs for this year and years to come.
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