Smart, Easy and Essential Benefits Shopping through Bright Choices®

With its extensive yet simple-to-use platform, Bright Choices® works year-round to help your employees get the most out of their benefits.


Complete Personal Profile

Employees input information about their health, the wellbeing of their families, and their financial priorities.


Shop for Benefits

Employees receive a recommended benefits package, which they can either adopt as-is, or customize by shopping through options in the exchange.


Staying In the Know

Employees may access information about their benefits, make enrollment changes in response to life events, and track all expenses using the built-in proprietary Simplee®ONE software.

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With Bright Choices® your employees’ benefits shopping experience is simple and enjoyable.

Empower Your Employees

The Bright Choices® Exchange empowers your employees with transparent and easy-to-understand information about their benefits options. To better understand their benefits options, Bright Choices® provides:


Side-by-side plan comparison


Informative videos and articles


Plan and Benefit Summaries


Thoroughly explained plan recommendations


Easy, accurate and transparent pricing detail

Clear Value and Continuous Support for Employers

From inaugural decision-making to online set-up to fielding questions from your employees and staff, your dedicated Great Sky benefits consultant provides extensive support.


Advice on funding (defined contribution) options


Hands-on help with all set-up tasks


Online employer administrative control panel


Year-round support from Great Sky for you and your employees

An Online Support Library for Your Employees

One of our objective’s at Great Sky is to ensure that your employees understand, appreciate, and intelligently utilize their benefits. The Bright Choices®Exchange “Tell Me More” educational hub is a remarkable educational tool that allows your employees to access a searchable multitude of articles, videos, insurance terms and FAQs about their benefits…..regardless of the day or time.

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