As you take this important growth step for your business, your Great Sky Benefits Consultant and your dedicated client services manager will be personally available to support you and your employees. You can track benefits enrollment, trends and changes using the Bright Choices® employer administrative portal. The portal can be used to generate multiple reports, to add and terminate employees, and to process life event related benefits changes requested by employees.

Your employees will also find expansive research aids available inside the Bright Choices®Exchange, such as the “Tell Me More” educational hub, an encyclopedic information haven available to your employees 24/7. Here they’ll find libraries of articles, instructional videos, FAQs and a front-to-back benefits glossary to help them make informed and optimal decisions about their benefits.

All data is fully secured within the Bright Choices®Exchange and administrative portal via SSL with 128-bit encryption. Full data security compliance is maintained at all times in accordance with the standards set forth by OWASP, PII and HIPAA.

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