The Mission of Great Sky Financial Group

Vision Mission & Culture

“To form enduring relationships with great companies by providing relentless value in the form of customized, affordable and high-value financial and benefits solutions”

We are a company of practical optimists. Our vision is one where our clients are empowered in their financial decision making, and where their employees are healthy, productive, talented, and unable to imagine working anywhere else.

More than a consultant, Great Sky acts as your essential growth partner. We pride ourselves in our ability to identify cost-competitive and custom-fit financial solutions for our clients, and to assist them through every phase of implementation, support, and expansion.

Why Culture is Crucial

Meeting challenges and exceeding expectations are the mainstays of the Great Sky culture. It’s important to us that we provide our clients with experiences that are nothing less than truly great!

At Great Sky, we regard workplace culture to be itself a very special kind of employee benefit, a benefit not provided by an insurance carrier, payroll vendor, nor limited to one type of employee or another, but formed, shared, and sustained at-large by our entire team at Great Sky.

Our commitment to culture truly extends beyond the confines of Great Sky itself. In fact, our most faithful expression of our culture is only realized when we’re providing our clients with amazing service. When we consistently earn the trust of our clients, we are being true to our culture. When we act in the interests of our clients we are being true to our culture. Without our clients, we don’t have a company. Therefore, not only do we promote a healthy culture within our own organization, we also promote a vital extended culture, one shared between consultant and client, built on trust, hard work, and sustained prosperity.